Why Arcadia

Discover the Arcadia Difference: Elevate Your Success with Our Five Pillars of Excellence

Sustainable Sourcing: Embrace our commitment to the planet with materials that are responsibly sourced from around the globe, ensuring both social and economic sustainability.

Global Quality Assurance: Benefit from our international inspection teams who ensure only the finest selections and rigorous quality checks before any slab leaves the factory.

Local Expertise: Connect with our local slab specialists for personalized assistance at your site or in our showroom, and take advantage of our extensive, ready-to-ship inventory for better project cash flow management.

Unmatched Expertise: Experience the Arcadia edge with over 25 years in the natural stone and quartz industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology for slabs that boast enhanced color, enduring shine, and superior protection.

Innovative Solutions: Stay ahead with our ongoing research and development, bringing you the latest product lines tailored to meet the high-volume demands of industry leaders, from local artisans to international projects.

Join the Arcadia Network: Whether you’re a fabricator, home builder, developer, or involved in institutional, hospitality, government, or military projects, partner with us for unparalleled quality and service.