How to buy?

3 easy steps!

1st – Get estimates from Fabricators for your project

2nd – Choose and hire your Fabricator

3rd – Come to our showroom and select your Arcadia Slabs!

Fabricator; is the business you choose to acquire, cut, process, and polish your natural stone and/or quartz slabs into custom finished products. (ex; flooring, wall cladding, art, counter-tops, etc.)

Why we only sell to fabricators?

  • Fabricators will measure your counter-tops at place of project or plans provided for an accurate measurement and installation of finished product
  • Safe material handling – Each slab weights an average of 1,000 lbs. Special forklift and attachments needed to handle slabs
  • 2MM Plus – Is the initial investment for an average fabricator to have bridge saws, sink cutters, polishers, special handling equipment and facility.
  • Special reserved inventory and pricing – while an individual person or company is doing 1 project every few years, the average fabricator is doing 5-10 projects everyday day!
  • Loyal partnership – Arcadia partners up with select fabricators to maintain quality and best customer experience through out the whole slab buying process.
  • Confidentiality; Arcadia will not disclose pricing unless you are the fabricator, our team members will ALWAYS refer you back to the fabricator you chose to do your project.

Bottom line is, if you are a homeowner, designer, architect or builder that have been through our showroom you may have noticed why Fabricators prefer our slabs over other distributors.

Our team is ready to be of service with knowledge and resources to make sure you have a successful execution of any natural stone and/or quartz project.

**If you have a High volume project, Arcadia will gladly partner-up with your CHOSEN FABRICATOR to discuss further discounts and rebates. Please refer Arcadia to your Fabricator’s sales rep or estimating department.